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Joe Biden refused to answer, but promises voters answers before election day.

Both President Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden tried to dodge difficult questions when they were asked at a wall in their respective public meetings on Thursday night.

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While Trump was pressured by NBC presenter Savannah Guthrie in a TV studio in Miami, Biden was questioned by ABC presenter George Stephanopoulos in Philadelphia.

Biden often had time to answer the questions he was asked at length and thoroughly. He was once again confronted with where he stands on the issue of “court packing”.

That is, to expand the number of judges in the Supreme Court. Now that Amy Coney Barret has been nominated as the new Supreme Court justice by Trump, Republicans are likely to get an overwhelming majority of six conservative judges against three liberal judges.

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Everything is in place for the Senate, which has a Republican majority, to approve Barret as the new Supreme Court judge now that the hearings are over this week.

More democratic forces therefore want to expand the number of judges in order to achieve a more comprehensive balance between liberal and conservative Supreme Court judges.

– Dishonest and untenable

Biden still refused to give an unequivocal answer to what he will do with the Supreme Court if he is elected the next president of the United States.

– I am not a supporter (of court packing editor’s note), but it depends on the outcome. Not how he wins, but how it is handled, Biden said, referring to how the Republicans have put together a hearing in a short time in order to approve Barret as soon as possible.

Biden justified the hesitation by saying that he would not give a solid answer yet, because that answer would adorn tomorrow’s headlines, and thus remove focus away from other important issues, such as how the Republicans handle the selection of judges.

However, Biden promised that voters would get a final answer before election day on November 3.

– It is dishonest and untenable of Biden that he does not want to say whether he agrees to expand the US Supreme Court, which is a large and important topic in the US, says senior researcher at the NORCE research center, Hilmar Mjelde, to Nettavisen.

Click on the image to enlarge. Joe Biden said during the rally that his position on the issue of expanding the US Supreme Court will depend on how the Senate handles Trump's nomination of Amy Coney Barrett.

Joe Biden said during the rally that his position on the issue of expanding the US Supreme Court will depend on how the Senate handles Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett.
Photo: Jim Watson (AFP)

– No senile pensioner

The Trump campaign has long sought to brand 77-year-old Biden as a cognitively weak presidential candidate. Mjelde thinks Biden made a good figure at Thursday’s public meeting.

– Biden was strong on content. He does not appear to be the senile retiree Trump camp is trying to portray him as. On the contrary, Biden has improved and is performing more evenly the further into the election campaign we come. This is not unique to Biden, but something we often see in American presidential campaigns. Rusty candidates get hot in the jersey, says Mjelde.

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– Biden appears as the older statesman the United States seems to want now. He is trying to be a kind of American version of the famous German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, says Mjelde.

Adenauer was Germany’s first Chancellor and led the reconstruction of West Germany.

– Aggressive and quarrelsome

Trump’s performance was a stark contrast to Biden’s performance. The president was at times aggressive and unsympathetic to questioner Savannah Guthrie.

Among other things, Trump refused to condemn the bizarre conspiracy theory QAnon.

– I could say that Trump wasted an opportunity to win over independent voters. Because he was aggressive, quarrelsome, spoke untruths and all that, says Mjelde.

– But Trump will never be anyone other than who he is, and he will not pretend either. And therefore he seems to lose the election, because most Americans want to return to normal, we must believe the polls, says Mjelde.

For the very first time, Trump said publicly that he would recognize a peaceful transfer of power if he lost the November 3 election. However, he still cast doubt on the legitimacy of the election, and pointed in particular to the many postal votes that are cast for the sake of infection control measures.

Click on the image to enlarge. President Donald Trump was severely pressured by NBC presenter Savannah Guthrie during Thursday's rally.

President Donald Trump was severely pressured by NBC presenter Savannah Guthrie during Thursday’s rally.
Foto: Evan Vucci (AP)

– Afraid of the pandemic

Furthermore, Trump was hard pressed to deal with the pandemic. More than 222,000 people have died from covid-19 in the United States. About 800 Americans died of covid-19 on the same day the rallies were held.

– Were there any of them who managed to convince and move voters over to them, Mjelde?

– In that case, it had to be Biden. Elections where a sitting president stands for re-election are a referendum on the president’s efforts and merits. All the signals I pick up indicate that the United States is concerned about who can get the country out of the pandemic nightmare. Voters are afraid of the pandemic, but Trump is simply not taking the pandemic seriously. Trump’s “happy talk” about the pandemic is like a political advertisement for Biden, says Mjelde.

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The second of a total of three planned presidential debates, was canceled because Trump did not want to meet Biden in a virtual debate.

Thus, the canceled presidential debate was replaced by the two public meetings, or Town Hall meetings. The intention is for the American people to become better acquainted with the people running for president.


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