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The US Department of Justice and 11 states are suing technology giant Google for abusing its dominance in internet searches to restrict competition.

Google is accused of monopolizing and preventing free competition in the search engine field. Photo: Jeff Chiu / AP / NTB

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The Ministry of Justice announced the lawsuit against Google on Tuesday after several media reported that the lawsuit was on the way.

– The company has maintained its monopoly power through exclusionary practices that are detrimental to competition, says US Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen.

Search engine

Google controls around 90 percent of global internet searches and monetizes ads related to the searches. Both politicians and consumer organizations have long accused Google of abusing its dominant position in the market when it comes to web search and marketing to prevent competition and raise revenue.

Critics say that structural changes are needed to get Google to change its behavior, and that rules and billions in fines that the company has imposed in Europe in recent years are not enough.

The lawsuit is the government’s most striking feature in the work to protect free competition between various technology companies since the lawsuit against Microsoft over 20 years ago.

Google: Defective action

The case could be the starting point for a number of cases where the government will be able to go to court to prevent monopolization and lack of competition. Among the companies under investigation in both the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission are Apple, Amazon and Facebook.

Google has denied the allegations of unfair competition. In a short comment on Twitter The company says that the lawsuit is very flawed, and that people use Google because they want to, not because they have to.

Google argues that it is useful to consumers and gets sufficient competition even if it is large.

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