Uselviske Haaland pays tribute: – Unique


  • Hoffenheim – Borussia Dortmund 0-1 (0-0). Follow Dagbladet’s football broadcast on Saturday from 20.00

The Norwegian super striker was benched from the start by coach Lucien Favre after playing all three international matches for Norway during the national team break.

Borussia Dortmund struggled away against Hoffenheim and were at times kept on their knees by the home team. The blue jerseys pressed hard and came to several dangers, at the same time as Dortmund struggled to get chances.

Hoffenheim were just inches from scoring after just four minutes played, but never got closer. After just over an hour played, Haaland came in, and from there and out, the guests took more and more over the match.

Just over ten minutes after coming in, Haaland was stunned alone with Hoffenheim goalkeeper Oliver Baumann. Jærbuen has recently shown its selfless side, and did the same on Saturday afternoon.

Alone with Baumann, Haaland elegantly centered on Marco Reus who got an open goal and could easily put in the 1-0 goal.

– Make him unique

Dagbladet’s commentator Morten P is full of praise for Jærbuen after the match and believes Saturday’s show is another proof of why Erling Braut Haaland is on everyone’s lips at the moment.

That Haaland for the third time in a short time centered alone with the goalkeeper instead of shooting himself, is what arouses the most enthusiasm in the commentator.

– It shows that Europe’s best goal scorer also has that ability. Most of the other strikers had tried to finish himself, but he does what he thinks is completely natural: To center to the one who is in the best position. Therefore, Sørloth scored in Belfast, Reyna before the national team break and now Reus. That dimension of his game only makes him more unique, sums up Morten P.

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– The world’s best

Shortly afterwards, Haaland was again dangerous up front. The ball was tipped through to the Norwegian who from a good position unfortunately put the ball outside the post. With just under ten minutes left, Haaland was again alone with the goalkeeper. But from an angle he put the shot in the wood and out to play from the goalkeeper.

But one goal was probably Saturday afternoon and Haaland secured another three points for the signal yellows.

– You see what he can and the timing he has to be onside and read the game. Haaland does not go offside. He is completely unique in timing, says Morten P after the match and perhaps gives the absolute compliment to a young Jærbu.

– Today, Haaland is one of the world’s best strikers, and if he gets a little better in the air, he is the world’s best striker, he states.

Haaland now stands with 17 goals and four assists in his 19 games in the Bundesliga. It gives over one goal point per game.


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