Vaccination against covid-19 will be mandatory in SP


The governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB) said on Friday, 16, that vaccination against covid-19 in the state will be mandatory. The statement goes against previous statements by the federal government that it would not compel Brazilians to be immunized.

“I have already guaranteed that here the 45 million Brazilians from São Paulo will be vaccinated and vaccination will be mandatory, unless the citizen has a medical orientation and a medical certificate that cannot get the vaccine. And we will adopt the legal measures if there is any contradiction in this sense, “said Doria.

Governor João Doria holds box of potential vaccine against Covov-19 from Sinovac 7/21/2020 REUTERS / Amanda Perobelli

Photo: Reuters

He also indicated that there is no point in vaccinating only part of the population. “It is not possible to imagine – and I learned this from the doctors, we have three here by our side – in a pandemic, vaccinating some and not vaccinating others. As long as we have people who are not vaccinated on a large scale, we will continue to have the presence of the virus, contamination and death, “Doria continued, at a news conference, answering a question about a date to decide whether the vaccine will be included in the national vaccination schedule.

“The final date for decision is the 21st. There is no lack of more information, no more data, no more elements for the ministry (of health) can decide and Anvisa make its decision, given the results of this third and final phase of testing the Coronavac vaccine “, he added.

The governor stated that he will respect the deadline demanded by Anvisa, of 60 years, to release the authorization. “We trust Anvisa, its exemption, its technical capacity, as it has been up to now, and we are sure that this will not change.” Doria hopes that the immunizer will be shared with all other Brazilian states.

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