Vaccination campaigns continue until the 30th across the state


Vaccination campaigns against Poliomyelitis and Multivaccination continue until the 30th, aimed at children and adolescents, throughout Paraná. The State has 1,850 vaccination rooms distributed in all municipalities, but Sesa (State Department of Health) is advising municipal departments to promote immunization activities in areas of great circulation in the city.

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“We reiterate the request for municipalities to carry out and disseminate vaccination to the population and, at the same time, we reinforce so that parents take their children to the posts and update the passbooks; the vaccine protects and saves against many diseases, ”said Health Secretary Beto Preto.

The polio vaccination campaign is aimed at children from 12 months to under 5 years. According to the head of the state immunization program, Vera Rita da Maia, Paraná has about 583,962 children in this age group who must be immunized.

The vaccine used in the campaign is oral, with two drops for each child. “In this pandemic moment, we emphasize the need for children to be immunized; we can avoid several diseases and deaths caused by viral infection ”, highlighted Maia.

For vaccination to be effective in the state, vaccination coverage of 95% of this population must be achieved.


The multivaccination campaign offers 14 types of vaccines for children and adolescents, such as measles, meningitis, rubella, mumps, diphtheria, tetanus, pneumonia and diarrhea, among others. “These are serious illnesses that cause child deaths and that can be prevented.” The head of the state’s Immunization program explains that the campaign’s strategy is to provide a single moment for families to be immunized.

Last year, all eight vaccines recommended for children up to one year old (BCG, Yellow Fever, Meningo C, Pentavalent, Pneumococcal 10, Poiliomyelitis (VIP), Rotavirus and Triple Viral) were below the 90% target (for BCG and Rotavirus) and 95% (for the others) in Paraná.


-Child vaccination is below the target in Paraná

“Vaccination coverage rates have dropped across the country in recent years, measles for example, which was eradicated, again registered cases in 2019, we have already controlled the outbreak; but it can return as well as the outbreak of other diseases as well,” he commented. The health of children in Paraná cannot wait and that is why we reinforced the guidance for parents to take their children to vaccination posts ”, warned Maia.

According to the Secretary of Health, all municipalities are supplied with vaccines and professionals prepared to receive the public from 12 months to under 15 years of age for vaccination.

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