Vaccination ‘D-Day’ for Measles, Polio and Multivaccination takes place this Saturday in Barra Mansa


Barra Mansa- The “D Day” of Vaccination for Measles, Polio and Multivaccination is scheduled for this Saturday, the 17th, in Barra Mansa. All Family Health Posts (PSF) will be open from 8 am to 5 pm offering vaccine doses.

The Campaign, which started on October 5th, continues until the 30th. In order to be vaccinated, it is necessary to have the vaccination card and SUS card (Sistema Único de Saúde). The goal is to immunize 95% of children aged 1 to 4 years for Poliomyelitis and 95% of the public aged 20 to 49 years for Measles. With this campaign, there will also be an evaluation of the passbook of all children under 15 years of age with the objective of achieving 95% coverage of all other vaccines.

The coordinator of the Immunization Sector of the Health Department, Marlene Fialho, detailed how the flow of vaccination will be in the posts.

– The multivaccination campaign will serve to update the passbook for children under fifteen. The polio vaccine, known as “droplet”, will be applied to children aged one to four years, eleven months and 29 days of age, and in the case of measles, people aged 20 to 49, even if they have already taken the vaccine – Marlene pointed out.


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