Vaccine against Covid-19 should reach Brazilians only in 2021 –


The Ministry of Health (MS) announced that by the end of the first half of next year, 140 million doses of the vaccine against Covid-19 will be available to Brazilians. To guarantee this amount, the portfolio has partnered with the British laboratory AstraZeneca, responsible for the development of the Oxford vaccine, and with the international consortium Covax Facility, which is in charge of the production of nine vaccines.

The Federal Government claims that it will start distributing vaccines against the new coronavirus at the time the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) approves the registration of these products. Gustavo Lopes, general manager of medicines at the agency, recalls that this approval can happen even when product testing takes place outside Brazil.

“It is not mandatory that clinical vaccine tests be done here in Brazil. It can happen that a product has its development abroad and the registration through Anvisa, after the completed studies. ”

This month, the government released R $ 2.5 billion so that the country can join the Covax Facility consortium. In addition, in August, R $ 1.9 billion was released for the purchase of the vaccine produced by the AstraZeneca laboratory.

At a press conference, Elcio Franco, executive secretary of the Ministry of Health, stressed the importance of offering multiple vaccines against Covid-19 in the country. “A diverse number of manufacturers and several researches being conducted simultaneously make it possible to expand the portfolio of accessible vaccines, on different technological platforms.”

The National Plan for Operationalization of Vaccination against Covid-19 will still be prepared by the Technical Advisory Chamber on Immunizations and Communicable Diseases, an organ linked to the Ministry of Health. The expectation is that the document will be delivered by the end of the year. According to the folder, criteria for the development of the plan will be taken into account, such as the epidemiological situation, definition of the target audience, vaccination strategy, immunization campaign, among others.


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