vaccine will be mandatory in SP when available


The governor of São Paulo, João Doria, said today (16) that the vaccine against covid-19 will be mandatory throughout the state of São Paulo, if it passes the tests and has the approval of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa). According to Doria, only people with a medical certificate can be released from receiving the immunizer.

“In São Paulo vaccination will be mandatory, except for those who have medical advice and a medical certificate that they cannot get the vaccine. And we will adopt legal measures if there is a contradiction in this regard, “said Doria, at a news conference in São Paulo.

The governor revealed that the tests with the Chinese vaccine CoronaVac should be finalized this weekend and the results of these tests should be announced in a press conference on Monday (19). Doria also said that the results of these tests will be sent on Monday to Anvisa.

On Wednesday (21), Doria should meet with the Minister of Health, Eduardo Pazuello, to discuss the possibility of distributing the vaccine nationally through the Unified Health System (SUS). On the same day, the governor will meet with Anvisa’s CEO, Antonio Barra Torres.

“What São Paulo wants is to share the Butantan vaccine so that other Brazilian states can vaccinate. São Paulo will vaccinate. I have already guaranteed that the 45 million Brazilians in São Paulo will be vaccinated,” said Doria.


The São Paulo government, through the Butantan Institute, has a partnership with the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac for the CoronaVac vaccine. Through this agreement, the government will receive 46 million doses of the vaccine by December this year. The agreement also provides for technology transfer to Butantan.

CoronaVac has been in phase 3 of tests with Brazilian volunteers since July this year. In this step, the effectiveness of the vaccine is evaluated, that is, if it protects against the coronavirus. If the phase 3 tests prove that it is an effective vaccine, CoronaVac will still need an approval from Anvisa to start the vaccination. The São Paulo government predicts that vaccination may start as of December 15 this year.

The governor emphasized that the Chinese vaccine has been shown to be safe, that is, the volunteers did not have serious side effects. “So far, without any collaterality. So far, CoronaVac tests are positive, ”said Doria.

According to the executive coordinator of the Coronavirus Contingency Center in São Paulo, João Gabbardo, the first two phases of testing the vaccine also indicated that its effectiveness is around 98%. Generally, to be approved, a vaccine needs to be at least 70% effective, but Anvisa is studying making the approval of the vaccine more flexible if it is at least 50% effective.

“The Ministry of Health, at the moment, speaks of a number greater than 50%. If we are more than 50% effective, the vaccine may be approved by Anvisa. The studies we have so far, of phases 1 and 2, point to around 98% effectiveness. I still don’t have access to phase 3 tests in Brazil. For comparison, the Influenza vaccine [gripe] it is around 90% effective, ”said Gabbardo.

The coordinator said he believes that CoronaVac meets all the requirements listed by the Ministry of Health to be incorporated into the National Immunization Program, such as safety, effectiveness, development time, scale production and reasonable price.

“We believe that the vaccine fulfills all the requirements listed by the Ministry of Health to be incorporated into the National Immunization Program”, said Gabbardo.


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