Vaccines may arrive between the “end of this year and the beginning of the next”


A press conference update information concerning infection for the new coronavirus is led, this Friday, by the Secretary of State for Health, Diogo Serras Lopes and has already started.

On the day that the record for cases of infection (4,656) and of Deaths (40) related to the Covid-19, in Portugal, Diogo Serra Lopes started by emphasizing that these numbers “are clearly superior to those recorded in March e April and put even more pressure on the SNS“. However, it guarantees the same, “O SNS responded, is responding and will continue to respond to pandemicand needs help from citizens to reduce this “pressure”.

“As fundamental as the response capacity is the duty to reduce contagions and this is also in our hands. Only with responsible behavior will we be able to reduce the number of infections and the pressure on the SNS, stressed the official, adding that “we have difficult weeks ahead”.

Even before going to the journalists’ questions, Diogo Serras Lopes announced that, in the last 24 hours, there was an increase of 93 inpatients, six of whom in intensive care units (FIA). The maximum number of hospitalized patients at the same time FIA is now 275, exceeding the number of April (271).

The occupancy rate is therefore 84% in wards and 81% in the intensive care unit (FIA).

Vaccines at the “end of this year, beginning of the next”

On vaccines, the Secretary of State for Health admitted that the government and DGS are “hopeful” that between the “end of this year and the beginning of the next, naturally in limited quantities”, these start to be made available and informed the journalists that the Government should soon present Diogo Serras Lopes the vaccination plan against Covid-19, but that the criteria will depend on “what vaccines are involved and how many will be available at that time”.

Already asked about the Moto GP, on the day it became known that there are 14 cases of Covid-19 in Formula 1 teams that were in Portimão, the minister reiterated only that “the evolution of pandemic makes all measures and future events permanently evaluated “and chose not to comment further on whether or not the event was canceled.

ARS from the North is already sending patients Covid for private hospitals

The Secretary of State for Health revealed this Friday that “on ARS in the North there are already sick Covid-19 in a private health institution “.

Despite this, Diogo Serras Lopes assured “we can guarantee that health care is being provided”. “Capacity in the North is assured”, assured, repeating that the capacity is extensible.

On this topic, the minister also highlighted that “O SNS it works on a network and it is on a network that it should work. We have several hospital units with different capacities “, and praised the response from Centro Hospitalar Tâmega e Sousa, pressured by the increase in patients.

In this sense, the other units in the region are already receiving patients from Tâmega and Sousa.

“It’s premature to draw conclusions” about mortality

Regarding the excess mortality of almost 8 thousand, Diogo Serras Lopes stressed that it is “something that has to be studied carefully, that requires the codification of the various pathologies inherent to the death and these studies can take your time […]. It is premature to draw conclusions “.

The official added that “reports will be made, since this is something that has to be studied carefully”. For this purpose, the “codification of the various inherent pathologies” must be carried out Deaths.

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