Vagner Mancini has the first decision to make at Corinthians: Cssio or Walter?


Coach Vagner Mancini, right away, already has to make his first big decision at Corinthians: Cassio or Walter?

Some goals scored by the titleholder in the last games were boosted to the tenth power in the last week, with the bizarre failure against Ceará, which resulted in the defeat of the team against ten of Ceará, and the great performance of the reserve in Curitiba.

The discussion among Timão’s fans automatically took over social media. The radio and television programs then proceeded to analyze the case …, that’s it: the controversy was in place.

Now, two days before the duel with Flamengo, Mancini will have to decide:

Back with Cássio, absolute starter and who played practically every game of the season, or keep Walter, who was featured in the last game?

I, particularly, would return with Cassio. Shirt 12 came out for a red card, not for a sequence of bad games, with failures in sequence. It is worth remembering that, against Ceará, in the same game that failed ridiculously, Cássio had done a miracle in the opening minutes.

Not to mention the importance and impact of a goalkeeper change. Changing the goalkeeper is not like changing a lineman, who is used to going out a lot more often.

What if Walter fails against Flamengo? You ‘lose psychologically’ the reserve and you will no longer have the holder with the same confidence. And then do what?

That is my vision.

And you, what do you think? Walter new holder or kept Cassio? Answer there …

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