Vasco explains overdue wages in official note – 10/15/2020


By means of an official note, Vasco da Gama gave its version on the back wages for both employees and players. The club denies the information that it owes workers four months, as reported yesterday by UOL Esporte. According to Cruz-Maltese, the debt is two months for them and one month for the cast, in addition to a portion of the agreement signed in the first half.

However, it is worth noting two points: the report heard service providers from at least four departments without involvement with football who reported the four months. Notwithstanding this, it is worth clarifying to the reader and the Vasco fan something that was not mentioned in the official statement, which was the fact that the club did not consider delay before the 20th of each month, making use of what they call “internal agreement” . For legal purposes, however, after the 5th the debt is legally validated.

Vasco also says that the situation of the arrears bothers the board and cites the pandemic as something that has hindered the regularization of obligations.

The club also promises to pay, in the next few days, at least one sheet. Meanwhile, desperate officials are planning a strike.

See the full official note below:

“In the past few days, unfounded information about the Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama has appeared in the news and on social networks. It is strange – or, unfortunately, not so much – that the proliferation of untruths takes shape with the proximity of the elections in the Club.

Let’s get to the facts.

The Vasco da Gama Club de Regatas vehemently denies the information published last Wednesday (10/14) by UOL Portal, realizing that the Club owes employees four months of salary. Contrary to what the aforementioned report says, the Club paid the wages for the month of June in full.

In the name of the truth and the transparency that characterizes this management, it is worth informing that, at this moment, the Club owes a month of salary to Professional Football athletes (in addition to a month of the agreement regarding arrears) and two months of salary to employees. This delay, of course, is very uncomfortable for all of us on the Administrative Board. Despite the difficulties, every effort is being made to ensure that at least one leaf is paid in the next few days.

Once again, we are grateful for the efforts of all employees who, even in the face of difficult conditions, reaffirm their professional competence and commitment to the Club every day.

As everyone knows, the pandemic has unleashed a severe economic crisis and has severely affected football revenue. Inevitably, it reached Vasco da Gama’s finances in a moment of acute restructuring of the Club, a cycle initiated by this management in 2018. We work every day to definitively break a vicious cycle that has affected our club for many years.

Even with all the adversities, it is important to note that this Administrative Board has paid so far a number of payrolls greater than the total number of months in the current mandate of this management. The mention of past open commitments inherited by this Board is not a justification for the present problems. Under no circumstances. But it is essential that partners and fans keep in mind how hard and arduous it is to dismantle and reverse a negative financial spiral.

Also in recent days, rumors have also emerged that Vasco da Gama would have been excluded from Profut, the Clubs’ debt refinancing program with the Union. Another untruth, planted who knows – or knows well – with which intention. This “information” does not proceed at all.

We continue to work every day to ensure Vasco da Gama’s economic and financial balance, to enhance and expand the Club’s assets, to serve our members and fans with the respect they deserve so much and to deliver the best possible working conditions to our professionals.

Unlike others, chaos, intrigue and lies are not of interest to us. We have a daily responsibility to manage the Vasco da Gama Club de Regatas and we are very proud of this mission.

Best regards,

Administrative Board


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