VDEO: Married man caught by wife trying to marry another


Photo: Reproduo

A married man was spotted by his wife while he married another woman in Lasuka, Zambia, South Africa. According to the Zambia Observer newspaper, Abraham Muyunda would have a stable relationship with Caroline Mubita, with whom he has three children.

Abraham set up the following plan: he said he was going to work in another city that day, to do a job. Only he did not have neighbors, who were surprised by the movement and reported the case to Caroline.

Suspicious, the woman went, together with her children, to the ceremony site and found out everything. Abraham Muyunda was arrested, because bigamy is a crime in Zambia.

And the case does not stop there. Still according to information from the local newspaper, the married man’s bride knew the situation and, even so, paid for the second marriage.


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