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Bjørsmo said that he had a good feeling after tonight’s performance, and that this broadcast was actually the one he felt best in. Thus, it was a sad message to get that he was the one who had to leave the competition.

– It’s a bit mixed feelings. When I looked through the video of everything I have done, I became very proud. But it’s sad to break out. It gave me so much to be part of it, says Vegard.

He says that he has gained a lot of experience and that the experience has given meirsmak.

– Being on stage was completely different for the first time than today. I have learned a lot, and take the experience with me further. I have worked with such good people and got to know so many nice people.

Vegard hailed praise from the judges in both genres tonight, but it did not hold for the podium.

Thus, it was Knut Marius Djupvik, Ingeborg Walther and Sandra Lyng who secured a place in the semifinals next Saturday.

Vegard also took the expert panel and sailors by storm in the first program of the season’s Star Wars.

This is what NRK’s ​​reporter said about tonight’s result:

“Vegard must quite surprisingly leave Stjernekamp tonight, and I must admit that I did not think that Sandra would survive this evening with the three competitors who stood by her side. He is the least experienced of the four who started the competition today, and it has been shown that Sandra has a greater range and more to offer in a context like this. I’m still convinced we have not seen the latest of Vegard! ”

List pop and stadium rock

In tonight’s edition of Stjernekamp, ​​it was to be decided which three artists went on to the semifinals.

Andreas Andresen Haukeland, also called TIX, was a guest judge in tonight’s program.


For the first time in Star Wars, list pop was a separate theme. The artists were to choose songs that have been on the charts in Norway in 2020. In this genre, Andreas Andresen Haukeland alias TIX was the mentor of the artists throughout the week.

Ida Maria was a guest judge in program 8 of Star Wars

Ida Maria Børli Sivertsen was a guest judge together with TIX and Mona B. Riise.


In the second part of the broadcast, there was duka for stadium rock, with artist Ida Maria Børli Sivertsen as mentor.

Both were together with regular Mona B. Riise experts throughout the broadcast.

Read what the reporter to NRK thinks about the performances tonight here.

These list pop songs performed by the artists:

1. Vegard Bjørsmo: Don´t Start Now – Dua Lipa

First out was Vegard, who last Saturday was admired by the expert panel. He said that he does not listen much to list pop, and that this was thus a fairly unknown terrain for him.

But that did not bode well for praise from the expert panel.

– When we first met, it seemed like you were almost afraid of the song. Now it oozes self-confidence from you. It’s really impressive to see how you have taken the most basic message in the song and show it, said his mentor TIX.

– Fy søren! It’s sad for pop music that you are not so interested, because you are a pop star, Riise said energetically.

2. Sandra Lyng: What´s Love Got To Do With it – Kygo, Tina Turner

This classic of a song was breathed new life into by Kygo, and tonight it was Sandra’s turn to make her mark on the song. She had the song on cassette as a child, and said that she has been really looking forward to singing it in Star Wars.

– You are a star, Sandra, said Ida Maria and praised her for her song choice.

– Today you show for a thousand gongs that you can sing really well, said TIX.

3. Knut Marius Djupvik: Someone You Loved – Lewis Capaldi

Knut Marius had chosen what is currently one of the world’s most popular songs. There was a strong personal motivation behind the choice, namely a heavy love affair. He tried to bring out this soreness in tonight’s performance.

Riise missed a bit of dancing, but was otherwise very happy.

– You capture the feeling of sadness and pain, and make him something beautiful for us. You sing very beautifully, said Riise sincerely.

Ida Maria praised him, among other things, for being a man who stood firm in showing his feelings.

4. Ingeborg Walther: Somebody – Dagny

Ingeborg’s biggest dream is to become a pop artist, she could announce in advance of the performance of “Somebody”. TIX predicted during the rehearsal that she would take the audience by storm.

And both the audience and he himself seemed to have been charmed by the performance.

“I got chills, you sing so well,” said Riise.

Two favorites after the first round

The expert panel all had some favorites after the first round.

Ida Maria named Vegard her favorite. TIX was impressed with everyone, but especially with Ingeborg. Mona could not choose just one favorite, and said Vegard and Ingeborg.

The next round was clear for the genre of stadium rock. Here, Ida Maria was the mentor to the artists.

These songs were chosen by the artists before the stadium rock genre:

1. Vegard Bjørsmo: When You Were Young – The Killers

Vegard had to work a little to get out of the comfort zone, something that during the performance became clear that he did.

– Fantastic, Vegard, fantastic! It’s completely raw, it’s much better than The Killers, were the big words from mentor Ida Maria.

2. Sandra Lyng: You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC

As Sandra herself said, tonight’s performance was a great contrast to the previous performance when she got to play Disney Princess with KORK.

– Finally you have come out of the closet, you are a rock star, said mentor Ida Maria.

3. Knut Marius Djupvik: Run To The Hills – Iron Maiden

Knut Marius had to bring out the authority in himself when he was to sing this powerful song. There was no doubt that he managed to convince Ida Maria.

– It’s completely insane, you are completely unbelievable! This is what we call “rock authority”, said Ida Maria.

4. Ingeborg Walther: Rock The Night – Europe

Ingeborg was stressed that it would not be cool enough, she said ahead of the performance. But she gave everything and it was very clear.

– Fy søren you are so raw, said Riise.

The entire expert panel was impressed by Ingeborg’s stadium rock.


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