Victim exposes enticement of ‘Smallville’ star to be sexually abused in sect


Actress India Oxerberg has publicized the grooming strategies of actress Allison Mack, former star of the ‘Smallville’ series, for a sect focused on sexual abuse and the enslavement of several young women.

India released its reports in an interview published in the most recent issue of People magazine.

In 2018, Allison Mack was tried and awaits her sentence under house arrest. The date of the conviction announcement has not yet been revealed. Keith Raniere, who led the sect together with Mack, will have his sentence announced on October 27, and could face between 15 years and life imprisonment.

Oxerberg said she was enticed by the ‘Smallville’ actress to the NXIVM sect in 2015. At the time, Allison convinced India to give her what she called “collateral”: nude photos and family secrets. India revealed that these materials were to be used against her as blackmail when she finally wanted to leave the group.

“At the time, I thought that in that place I could fight my fears and my vulnerabilities. I was told that this mission was for this and I wanted to believe in Allison ”, vented India.

When Allison was arrested in 2018, she took her share of the blame for the crimes and said she was brainwashed by Keith Raniere. “I was lost,” the actress told the court responsible for the case.

In revealing the sect’s activities, the international press reported that the women enslaved by the group had their bodies marked with hot iron, with a symbol that mixed the initials of Allison’s name with those of Raniere.

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