Victor Chaves releases two tracks from the album Projeto VC. Check out!


This Thursday (15th), Victor Chaves released on his YouTube channel the first two clips of his solo work, Project VC (whose pronunciation is Vê Cê).

The two songs were revealed, respectively, at 12 noon and 12:30 pm, and are part of a musical series with 10 music videos, designed by Victor himself.

At 0h on Friday, 16, the two songs of the music videos will be made available on the main digital platforms.

The album Projeto VC, with 10 copyright tracks by Victor, will be released over 5 weeks, 2 clips on Thursdays at 12pm and 12:30 pm on YouTube, and the respective songs on digital platforms at midnight the next day.

Projeto VC is Victor Chaves’ first solo album and was recorded live at the artist’s apartment, in Belo Horizonte, in December 2019, fully produced, directed and arranged by him.

And for fans, the pre-sale of the limited edition vinyl album is now available on the website. Enter here to register on the list.

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Documentary of the VC Project

Victor Chaves launched, last Thursday (08), at 8 pm, on his YouTube channel, the mini documentary of the album Projeto VC (pronounced Vê Cê). The documentary shows the conception of his first solo album where, in addition to being the author of all the songs, he acts as a musician, producer, arranger and musical director.

Fans will be able to follow how the project idea came up, recorded live in the singer’s apartment room, in Belo Horizonte-MG, in December 2019, with testimonials and scenes from the recording itself.

“I didn’t even know what we were going to play. We just started making a sound,” said Victor, of the first meetings that resulted in the work.

Directed by Rodrigo Giannetto, the mini documentary shows the boldness of organic work, without voice tuners or post-production editing, so common in recent decades.

“And we wanted to move on to the album, to the songs, the sound we used to make at rehearsals and the only place we could do that was inside the living room of his apartment,” added keyboardist André Henriques.

About the experience of working alongside Victor in the VC Project, the sound engineer, Renato Cipriano (responsible for the technical part of the musical recordings) recalled:

“One thing that caught my attention was the way that Victor created, this thing of playing the guitar and singing at the same time, but in a surreal way, that I never saw in another musician.”


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