Video: Police use drone to arrest Thomas Jefferson Byrd murder suspect


Atlanta, USA, with the help of SWAT, used a drone to arrest Antonio Demetrice Rynes, suspected of murdering actor Thomas Jefferson Byrd on the last day 3. The video of the police action that arrested the man on Friday ( 16) was shared on social networks.

In the images it is possible to see the moment when the door of the suspect’s house is opened with explosives. Then the drone enters Rynes’ house and scans the place. Shortly afterwards, the suspect spies on what is happening and then leaves one of the rooms with his hands raised. Afterwards, he seems to be guided to the balcony. The video has no sound.

The suspect will be held pending trial at Fulton County Prison. The actor’s death was announced on Spike Lee’s social media. On October 4, he posted: “I’m sad to announce the tragic murder of our dear brother Thomas Jefferson Byrd last night in Atlanta, Georgia”, with a photo of recording of the film “Irmãos de Sangue” (1995), in which they acted together.

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