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The video was sent to whatsapp from Straight from the streets and shows when the seven-body container is opened in AsunciĆ³n, Paraguay.

In the image, right from the start, you can see a skull in an advanced state of decomposition. Above the bags of fertilizers from Europe, another body. The more the bags were removed by machines, the more corpses were found.

The fertilizer container was ordered from Serbia, a country in Eastern Europe. Bodies are said to be illegal immigrants. Two of them have already been identified. Headphones, mattresses, pillows, cell phones, external batteries, cookies and other products were also in the compartment.

Mortal remains found in container in Paraguay. (Photo: Disclosure)

The bodies were found on Friday morning (23) by the owner of the fertilizers, who called the police as soon as they came across the first corpse. He ordered the product in July this year and the container arrived on the 19th at the port of Villeta, in Paraguay, according to the ABC Color website.

Identified – Two bodies have already been identified. Ahmed Belmiloud, 20, of Moroccan nationality, and Yasa Barabara, 19, a native of Egypt. The police identified them by passports.

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