Vietnam landslide kills 11 soldiers and 11 are missing | World


Eleven soldiers died and 11 remain missing after a major landslide hit central Vietnam on Sunday (18), as the country struggles with its worst floods in years.

The region has suffered from storms for more than a week. At least 64 people died in floods and landslides, according to Vietnamese officials.

An avalanche of stones fell on the barracks of a military base in the province of Quang Tri, and 22 soldiers were buried under the mud, according to a government official.

According to authorities, 11 bodies have been recovered so far.

“Since 2 am, there have been four or five landslides, which have exploded like bombs. It looked like every mountain was about to collapse,” described local official Ha Ngoc Duong, according to the news website VnExpress.

Army commander, Lieutenant General Phan Van Giang, warned that there may be more landslides in the area and warned that rescue workers need to find a safe way to access the site.

During the rainy season, between June and November, Vietnam tends to face very adverse weather conditions. The central coast provinces are the most vulnerable.

Last year, 132 people died, or disappeared, as a result of natural disasters in Vietnam, according to data from the General Bureau of Statistics.

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