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Jeanise Jones (right) was praised for avoiding misgivings during the newly released film (foto: Borat Subsequent Moviefilm/Amazon Studios)

An amount equivalent to more than R $ 600 thousand was raised to support an involuntary star in the new film “Borat: Next Cinema Tape”, starring Sacha Baron Cohen.

Jeanise Jones, 62, was recruited for the film showing Kazakh journalist Borat playing tricks on American citizens.

She appears in several scenes after being asked to look after the fictional daughter of Cohen’s infamous character.

After the film was released last week, the pastor of his church created a crowdfunding page for fans to “say thank you”.

Pastor Derrick Scobey said that Jones worked in the Ebenezer Baptist Church congregation in Oklahoma City. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, she recently lost her job after 32 years.

On the virtual kitty page, Scobey said the film’s producers asked for a “black grandmother for a small role in a documentary”.

During filming, Jones was charged with looking after Tutar, Borat’s daughter, played by actress Maria Bakalova.

In several scenes, the woman deviates from misginal comments made by the character of Sacha Baron Cohen. She also encourages Tutar to “be happy” and tells her to “use your brain, because your father is a liar”.

Sacha Baron Cohen returns as Borat 14 years after the original film (photo: Amazon Studios)
Sacha Baron Cohen returns as Borat 14 years after the original film (Photo: Amazon Studios)

“This was not planned for Jeanise. It all came from the heart,” said Scobey. “She is one of the most authentic people I have ever met.”

In an interview with New York PostJones stated that, during her appearance in the film, she was trying to give the best possible advice.

“In this type of situation, you can’t help being patient because you’re trying to help someone – at least, that’s what I thought,” she said.

In statements Variety, she said she had not yet watched the film, which drew millions of viewers during the opening weekend on Amazon Prime Video. For his role, Jones received $ 3,600 (about R $ 20,000).

Jones revealed that, since filming began, she was concerned for Tutar’s well-being. But after a friend showed a trailer for the film earlier this month, she recalled the experience with good humor.

“I am happy to know that [a Sra. Bakalova] not really in that situation, “she said Variety. “[O Sr. Cohen], I do not know. It wasn’t real, so I would shake your hand and say, ‘You got me.’ “

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