Vivaldi browser now brings free cyberpunk-themed game in version 3.4


The Vivaldi browser, based on Chromium, announced a novelty to help those who are occasionally without internet: the browser now comes with a pre-installed game, in a scheme similar to the Google Chrome dinosaur game.

Called Vivaldia, the game is unprecedented and takes place in a universe cyberpunk. This is a side scrolling game that can be accessed when you are offline on any platform, be it Windows, Mac, Linux or Android, or when accessing the page vivaldi://game when online.

The game controls are made on the keyboard, for those who use the computer, or on a virtual joystick on the smartphone. You can play with your phone lying or standing.

To play Vivaldia, you need version 3.4 of the browser installed on your PC or android phone. In addition to the game, the update also features features such as configurable context menus, programming to update pages automatically and others.

Download Vivaldi directly from the browser website, if it is on a Windows, Mac or Linux device, or from the Google Play Store, if it is on an Android phone.

Source: Vivaldi

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