Volunteers have collected over 300,000 to find the missing Christoffer


– The family is incredibly grateful for everything that is done around them, says Aurlands mayor Trygve Skjerdal.

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Flowers and candles have been laid out in the town where the police have made findings that may indicate that the 29-year-old fell down while he was walking along the road. Photo: Find Monica

During the weekend, volunteers have collected more than 320,000 kroner, hoping to find the missing Christoffer Lysne Elgåen.

No one has had contact with the 29-year-old since Friday night last week, when he was out with friends. Since he was reported missing, residents of the local community in Aurland have worked day and night in hopes of finding the 29-year-old.

On Sunday evening, the search continued in full swing in Aurland.

– Finding him will put an end to the uncertain family has right now, says mayor Skjerdal.

– Overwhelming response

On Saturday, Ingunn Christin Stigen set up a fundraiser for the Aurland Red Cross in the hope of being able to contribute to the search operation. Stigen, who is related to the missing 29-year-old, says she is shocked by the response.

– The response is overwhelming. I never thought we would get in so much.

In one day, more than 175,000 kroner has been collected.

– People from all over the country have given. Lots of villagers from Aurland, but also very many others. We are very happy to be able to support the Red Cross, they are very involved in the cause.

Monica Finden from arranged flea market and sold notes to raise money for Aurland Red Cross. Photo: Steinar Grønsberg

Plan a flea market together

Monica Finden from Aurland also decided to raise money.

Finden himself had been in contact with the missing 29-year-old in connection with a flea market she had planned earlier in October.

– When this happened, I did not quite know what to do. I decided to hold the flea market, in addition to frying patches. The goal was to raise money that could support the search operation, she said.

Finden tells that she suddenly started getting messages from people asking if they could send money to help. Since Friday morning, 145,000 have come in, she said.

– It’s completely extreme. People will simply support the search operation.

Missing Christoffer Lysne Elgåen was part of the fire brigade and worked in Aurland municipality. Photo: Aurland fire and rescue

– Invaluable help

Steinar Grønsberg is a member of the Red Cross Aurland. He says that on Sunday there are 25 boats and over 60 people who participated in the search.

He says the funds from the fundraising campaigns are invaluable help in the search campaign.

– There is such support that I do not know what to say. I’m speechless. People along the entire Sognefjord are looking. It’s absolutely amazing.

On Tuesday, the police announced that the search went into a new phase where a search for the presumed dead person.

– Finding him means that the family has to end a bad case. But the grief and the loss will be the same, says mayor Skjerdal.



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