Wanessa steps over her own sister and invades the actress’ home


Wanessa and Camila, daughters of Zezé, met after months away (Photo: Reproduction)

Zezé’s daughters, Wanessa and Camilla, met after months

This Saturday, October 17, the family of Zezé Di Camargo is partying. This because Camilla, daughter that the singer had with Zilu Godói, is celebrating another year of life. What the actress did not expect was that she would be surprised by her sister on her birthday.

Wanessa Camargo said that she was not invited to Camilla’s house, but that she decided to surprise herself with her husband, Marcus Buaiz, ​​and their two children. On social media, a photo of the two sisters, their husbands and children together was released.

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“Sister shows up at the other’s house without being invited, because she can’t take any nostalgia !! ❤️ @Camilla_camargo, you are one of the strongest and most incredible women I know, an inspiration in every way ”, began the daughter of Zezé Di Camargo, the singer Wanessa.

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“The way you build your life, the way you know who you are and what you want… the way you have the intuition to be a mother; how you deal with your problems and overcome them. It is so admirable and beautiful to see ”, continued Wanessa.

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“Thank you for being more than a blood sister, but for being a friend and companion for life! I will always be by your side, every day of your life. Happy birthday, I love you so much! ”Shot Wanessa. Zezé’s daughter replied the same photo.

For those who don’t know, Camilla has been quarantined for the past few months and has even refused to be visited by her family. Not even Zezé Di Camargo can see her on Father’s Day. However, Wanessa decided to break her sister’s own rule.

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