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WATER: Two new individual studies confirm previous theories that there is water on the moon. Photo: Lucy Nicholson / REUTERS

NASA has found water on the moon, which increases the hope that a permanent base can be established there.

It appears in two individual studies published in the journal Nature Astronomy, writes the Washington Post.

The research supports previous possible discoveries of water and ice on the moon’s surface.

The startling discovery may mean that it will be possible for astronauts to stay on the moon for longer periods than is possible today, writes the Washington Post.

The lunar water is seen by NASA as a potentially important resource and can be used as fuel for rockets, and in addition as drinking water.

Today it is very expensive to send water from the earth to the moon.

In 2019, NASA created the space program “Artemis”. The goal is to send new astronauts to the moon this decade.

In 2018, a research team consisting of Shuai Li at the University of Hawaii, Brown University and a NASA scientist also found ice on the moon that could be used as drinking water by astronauts.

Ice was found in the darkest and coldest areas of the moon’s north and south poles. There are several smaller areas of ice that lie as uneven spots on the two poles, according to NASA.

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