We have tested the OnePlus 8T: Charging has rarely been better


Increases charging speed in an ingenious way.

For a year it has been for OnePlus.

OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro came in April, in July Nord was launched and now OnePlus 8T is presented. But what sets these models apart and what’s new about the OnePlus 8T?

See video test:


Anyone recognize themselves in the forum? (Fear of running out.) Well, OnePlus 8T charges so fast that I have stopped thinking about charging. I do not put it in the socket until I go to bed once, because I can just as easily plug it in while I go in the shower in the morning.

OnePlus is a subsidiary of Oppo, which launched 65W wireless charging already in July, and it should only be missing that OnePlus can borrow some of the charging technology. And 65W is luxury.

(Ill: Ole Magnus Kinapel / ITavisen)

The phone handles the high speed by splitting the battery in half and charging each battery at half speed. 12 different heat meters ensure that the temperature in the batteries does not get too hot.

By comparison, the iPhone 11 charges with a maximum of 18W. The battery for the 8T is 4500mAh and a full charge should take 39 minutes. I myself have charged from 20-100% in less than half an hour.

Unfortunately the phone does not have wireless charging, but it is ok for me when I rarely need to charge for more than 15 min.

The screen on the 8T does not bend the upper edges like the 8 and 8 Pro, but is flat.

The OLED panel has relatively thin frames and a 120Hz refresh rate like its big brother OnePlus 8 Pro. And the screen is great to look at. The colors are natural and more accurate than before.

Ill: Ole Magnus Kinapel / ITavisen)

The screen is 28% thinner than before and thus lies even more in the surface. It is also lighter and can handle 1100 nits. In comparison, the iPhone 11 Pro Max manages 770 nits, while the new iPhone 12 stops at 1200 nits. The S20 Ultra has a record of 1342 nits.

OnePlus 8T is responsive and things feel soft. Still, for some reason it does not feel as responsive as the 8 Pro. When I scroll, things go faster on the 8 Pro, but I imagine that it has to do with the animation speeds and the Android version and not the phone.

8T and 8 Pro (Ill: Ole Magnus Kinapel / ITavisen)

Updates are promised continuously, so maybe they do something about it. So, the difference is microscopic, but it must be mentioned.

The screen in the 8 Pro also has something called comfort tone which means that the screen sets the color temperature according to the surroundings. It probably also helps that the 8 Pro’s screen feels a bit sharper.

Which phone is this the sequel to?

Purely spiritual, this is the sequel to the OnePlus 8, while the 8 Pro still stands as the most flagship flagship in OnePlus’ lineup. Still, the 8T most closely resembles the OnePlus Nord visually, without me thinking it’s meant to be a competitor to it. On the other hand, it takes on 8.

Ill: Ole Magnus Kinapel / ITavisen)

But exactly what OnePlus thinks of making its half-year-old models redundant I do not know.

The camera bump in the phone has become flatter since the last time. I did not think big camera bumps bothered me, but I notice that it is good that this is a little flatter. The hump has been moved to the right side instead of the middle, and since it is flatter it does not tilt much when you place it on the table.

The main camera has a 48 MP sensor like the rest of the series and in good light these images are very sharp.

The colors in the camera have also become good and true to nature, thanks to good image processing. When I take a picture of the autumn leaves in full daylight at 48 MP, I can zoom far in before it becomes blurred.

OnePlus has also improved the night camera, which has become impressively sharp and which manages to capture light, where there is almost no light. It’s not as good as the best camera phones out there, but it’s not far away.

Night mode has also come to video in 8T and when you turn it on, the whole world lights up. Now you can also get quite a movie even in the black night.

Ill: Ole Magnus Kinapel / ITavisen)

Ultra wide angle becomes even more ultra

The wide angle of 16 MP has been extended since the last time and takes in 123 degrees. It is more than the other models and as much as the S20 Ultra.

The phone also has a macro lens of 5 MP, which is much better than the one in the North, and a monochrome camera of 2 MP.

Unfortunately, OnePlus does not have the dual front camera that OnePlus Nord has, something I had hoped would be in place. I like to have an extreme wide angle in front as well.

The camcorder is also sharp and takes 4K at 60 fps. The camera records slow motion at 480 frames per second at 720p.

Ill: Ole Magnus Kinapel / ITavisen)

OnePlus 8T is one of the first phones with Android 11, apart from Google’s own Pixel 5 and the rest of the OnePlus series, which receives the update continuously.

In my eyes, OxygenOS is the most responsive and perhaps the best Android version, and with Android 11 comes new features and design changes. Among other things, OnePlus does as Samsung’s One UI and optimizes the OS for use with one hand.

In OxygenOS 11, OnePlus also finally gets the Always-on display. Among other things, you can choose an always-on display that the company has developed together with a group of students, which shows you how much you use the phone during a day.

Easier to manage the home

In Android 11, a new control center appears when you hold down the button where you can control the devices connected to the network at home. You also get the card information for the payment card that is inside and boarding passes and things like that.

(Ill: Ole Magnus Kinapel / ITavisen)

The OS also has a new chat bubble feature, so that all chat apps get a chat bubble. I think chat bubbles are tiring so I turned it off right away. But there are certainly some who will be happy about it.

Android 11 has also got notification history so that one can retrieve expired alerts that may have been removed without meaning to. Night mode has also been improved and there is a new feature in the camera that allows you to share the photo you have taken immediately. This feature is nice

Night mode in Android 11. (Ill: Ole Magnus Kinapel / ITavisen)

Last but not least, you can now use Google Assistant in apps. For example, I can ask the assistant to open Instagram and access a user.

What more could you really want from a telephone? 120Hz, good camera, 65W charging, Android 11

The 8T also has a set of impressive stereo speakers that play surprisingly loud. Higher than most I’ve come across. In other words, this phone has just about everything I could want from a smartphone.

Still, I ask myself if there is a little that is new. Was 8T really necessary when you already had Nord, 8 and 8 Pro?

The camera bump of the 8T is smaller than its predecessors. (Ill: Ole Magnus Kinapel / ITavisen)

OnePlus’ four phones are strikingly similar, even though they are in quite different price categories. But most likely, the 8T is the best choice of the four, price and performance taken into account.

The phone comes in two versions, two different colors and costs 6799 kroner or 7799 kroner. That price there is nothing to say because for me the phone gets 10/10.

(Ill: Ole Magnus Kinapel / ITavisen)

One more thing

OnePlus Buds Z are the OnePlus’ new in-ear plugs. Each plug has a 10 mm large element which, like the previous ones, will deliver plenty of bass. We have not tested these yet, but they will have 3D sound from Dolby Atmos and 20 hours of battery life. 10 minutes of charging gives 3 hours of use. They have IP55 certification and will withstand splashes and sweat and are rumored to be cheaper than its predecessor OnePlus Buds.

The company launches OnePlus Nord in another color: Gray Ash.

Gray Ash comes with 12 GB RAM, 256 GB storage and will be available in Europe on October 15 for 5690 NOK.

OnePlus 8Ts specifications:

  • Processor: Qualcomm® Snapdragon 865
  • Storage: 128 GB / 256 GB UFS 3.1
  • Camera:
    • 48 MP standard vidvinkel, 0.8 μm, OIS, f/1.7
    • 16 MP, ultra wide angle, f / 2.2, 123 °
    • 5 MP macro lens
    • 2 MP monochromatic lens
  • Front camera: 16 MP, 1.0 μm, f / 2.4
  • 5G
  • Weight: 188 g
  • Bacteria: 4500mAh
  • Warp Charge 65W hurtiglading
  • 3D Corning® Gorilla® Glass
  • Farger: Aquamarine Green, Lunar Silver


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