We have tried Iphone 12: Is the Pro model worth 3000 kroner extra?


The case is being updated.

Teknologimagasinet’s Per Kristian Bjørkeng has spent the last few days testing Iphone 12 and Iphone 12 Pro.

Colleague Geir Amundsen is excited about how big the difference is. The Iphone Pro model is equipped with its own so-called Lidar. A sensor that measures distances using laser light.

What does the lidar mean for the image quality? Does it elevate the AR experience? So-called augmented reality, where a virtual layer is placed on top of the reality you see through the camera.

You get the answer to that in this episode of Teknologimagasinet. Perhaps the biggest difference between the two is for those who are most concerned with a high “bling factor”.

Iphone 12 Pro has a camera lens more than Iphone 12 and a separate lidar sensor. Photo: Per Kristian Bjørkeng

Iphone 12 supports the new 5G mobile networks that are being expanded. One of the benefits of 5G is faster response time. From 4G networks 20 milliseconds or more, down to just 5 milliseconds delay. And in the long run even less.

Per Kristian has tested and measured how much less the delay is, and what it means for the gaming experience on the mobile.

Geir is curious about whether 5G and cloud gaming will change the gaming industry. He also wonders what distinguishes the different cloud gaming platforms from each other.

At the end of the broadcast, you get the answer to how well Apple’s new and wireless Magsafe charger works in practice.

Do not miss the previous episode of Teknologimagasinet. Here we take a closer look at Tesla’s “Battery Day” in the battery cells:


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