“We men need to talk about our feelings”, says Rodrigo Simas


Rodrigo Simas opened his heart in a recent interview with Revista Wow. The actor, who is recording the soap opera “Salve-se Quem Puder”, talked about dating, toxic masculinity, bullying and other controversial issues, many that surrounded him since childhood.

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“I look back and I remember small, I see that I have always tried to be pattern resistance. As I always ran away and never fit into the heteronormativity we know. We men need to listen, we need to learn, we need to talk about our feelings “, he revealed. “Every day I try to deconstruct machismo in my relationship, in my judgments, in my thoughts, inside me.”

The actor is the brother of Bruno Gissoni and Felipe Simas and says that since he started his artistic career, he had to be cautious. “I need to be careful not to be swallowed by labels, by social media. For the anxiety it causes me ”, he concluded.

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