We tell you the end of the SIC soap opera (EXCLUSIVE)


There are still many episodes left for SIC’s “Terra Brava” to finish, but TV 7 Dias unveils firsthand how the soap opera that has Mariana Monteiro e João Catarré as protagonists in a luxury cast.

Since the beginning of the story, the love of Beatriz and Diogo, who in reality is Rodrigo, has won the public’s attention. However, several obstacles made it difficult to live this romance and the ex-soldier’s revenge almost made them separated forever.

However, in the final stretch, love wins and ends happily, married, in the company of Martim (Thomas Andrade) and baby Teresa. The villain Eduarda (Maria João Luís) has a tragic death after abducting his grandchildren.

Find out how the other characters in the SIC soap opera “Terra Brava” end in this week’s edition of TV 7 Dias. On newsstands starting this Friday!

Text: Neuza Silva ([email protected]); Photos: SIC Disclosure


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