Weather, Snow | The meteorologist warns before the season’s first snowfall:


If you live in southern Norway and still have summer tires on your car, you should do something about it immediately.

It has snowed in several places over the weekend, and there are reports of several places with slippery roads. There has also been a call to change to winter tires. Now you may want to change to winter tires as soon as possible, if you live in Oslo, Lillehammer or Skien.

Check the weather forecast from here.

– Monday and Tuesday, the first snowfall of the season comes in several places in southern Norway, but in the lowlands it gradually turns to rain. Danger warnings for snow have been issued in several places. Stay up to date on Yr, the Meteorological Institute writes on Twitter.

– Can be chaos

The snow will primarily come in the mountains in southern Norway, but also in southern parts of Agder and Rogaland. According to the meteorologist, it does not take much snow for many to get off to a bad start to the week.

– There can be chaos with less than 20 cm of snow. It can be 10 cm, and that is enough to create problems if you have not changed to winter tires. Pay attention and stay up to date on road and weather conditions. Stay at home, if you have not been able to change to summer tires, says on-duty state meteorologist Hanne Beate Skattør to Nettavisen.

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She says that Telemark, Buskerud and the capital will first and foremost get snow in the heights. The little that may come on the ground will be lost in some places.

– In the areas around the Oslo Fjord, it will start as snow on Monday night, but turn to rain on Tuesday morning, says Skattør.


There have been several accidents on Sunday. Among other things, a car ended up on the roof in Møre og Romsdal due to a slippery road. In Sande, a car drove off the road with three people in the car. and in Berkåk there was a head-on collision between a trailer and a car.

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In Oppdal, there were two downhill runs at Oppdal Airport and Bjørklia just before 16.00, and the police write on Twitter that “winter tire driving is reported”.

– There is a low snow line in Møre og Romsdal and Trøndelag now, so stay tuned and be aware. There are difficult driving conditions in several places, the state meteorologist concludes.


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