Weekend horoscope: The predictions for each zodiac sign from October 16 to 18, 2020


Another weekend begins and may surprise many zodiac signs! Check out the forecasts for the next few days:


Moment of detachment and gratitude for life; it’s time to give up what’s not for you and start a new cycle. Regarding gratitude, it is time to give back some of what life has given you, so you must be more generous to people, as your abundance will multiply.

This weekend you will be busy with work or pending issues, so you will have to manage your time well and put everything in order.

Your lucky numbers are 09 and 21, and in particular you will have three days of a lot of activity in which you will feel like living the best of life. Just get away from a toxic relationship from the past that can cause problems.


The time has come to start a new job and reinvent yourself in every way; getting back to school, starting to plan a business and taking time out for yourself is important.

During this weekend you will take a trip or visit important people. You resolve yourself in love and you can decide to decide to be alone for a while.

It is important to take better care of your health. Be careful what you say or advise; remember that not everyone accepts these opinions well, so keep your comments until they are asked. Your lucky numbers are 03 and 21, and you will have three days in a good mood.


Moment to mature in your personal life and reflect a lot to advance your goals. Your sign constantly changes and you learn to be more discerning and reasonable, especially in relationships.

Focus on your inner peace and don’t look for problems where they don’t exist. At work, avoid conflict and gossip. This weekend you will have activities with people you love.

The proposal for a business or initiative can help to improve financial life. His lucky numbers are 06 and 77. For singles it will be a day of very new passions and adventures.

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You are the inspiration of those around you, so you must maintain good attitudes and be a natural leader to help others. Good luck will be around you and you will feel fulfilled with your achievements.

Morning walks with the first rays of the sun help to charge you up and feel renewed; with that you will achieve a new awakening of optimism in everything.

This weekend you are going to change or fix things at home. Sometimes your sign is lazy to fulfill its responsibilities at the right time and you leave it until later, but you must be more organized to feel more fulfilled.

A new love will make an invitation. An opportunity to live outside your country may come. His lucky numbers are 04 and 33.


Your sign goes through complicated decisions that you must face to change your destiny. Do not be afraid, as the spiritual strength will be at your side all the time to overcome the difficulties that arise.

This is your time to gain motivation in the workplace or start new projects and businesses. You will remain stable with your partner and a love from the past will seek you out; it is better to end this cycle and focus on the present, as it is necessary to mature.

You will be lucky with the numbers 13 and 29. Try white so that the abundance reaches you. This weekend dedicate yourself to solve all your personal matters.


You will be lucky in every way. Just try to control your strong personality in difficult situations and be a better person to move on in your life.

You reach your goals step by step and that’s great. A good job opportunity can come up and you shouldn’t talk about it to everyone so you don’t run out of luck.

Opportunities to have a more formal love relationship may arise and you leave out the times of several loves at the same time. The time for commitment and maturity is coming.

You will be lucky this Sunday with the numbers 02 and 19 and the red attracts passion. Be careful of falls on the street.


You continue or can attract a good economic streak. Moment of patience, because soon the reward for so much effort in everything you have done will be received.

Be more careful with envy; carry a little silver to eliminate all negative energies. It’s time to start thinking about that business that can change your life or the job changes that can make you happier.

Be careful not to neglect your love relationship. You receive an invitation and can have fun. You buy clothes and change your look. Luck with numbers 26 and 33 will come and yellow attracts protection.

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You must prioritize your plans and not be defeated by any comments that others make. Your opportunity for great personal and professional achievements has finally arrived.

The bad times are behind us, you must inject positive strength into your work and goals to move forward; avoid getting sentimental and sad about the past.

Love will be closer and closer and an important step will be taken in the relationship. Don’t let the opportunity pass; it’s your turn to live together and be happy. Good time to go back to study and take a course, especially if you like advertising or communication. Think about the future.

You will be lucky this Sunday with the numbers 30 and 99. Try to use the color blue to attract luck and abundance in your life.


Time to leave behind that toxic love and friends who only approached out of interest and contributed nothing to your life; these are times to grow, mature and live personally better.

You are constantly making mistakes in your love decisions and that will only change as you mature. In love, someone with a lot of light will come to you and fill you with peace; you need to appreciate that and start to appreciate the feelings.

Try to talk more with your family. You will be lucky this Saturday with the numbers 06 and 34. The colors green and yellow attract luck. Get more sleep, as your body needs to replenish itself with energy.

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Moment to take your problems seriously, but not to let bad mood ruin your conquests, especially in love. It is important to seek serenity.

A change in work will happen soon, so you should be ready to receive it and not get involved with toxic people who only affect you. Take time for yourself or take a trip to renew your energy.

Financial conflicts can arise and you should take it easy to resolve. A love can get away from your life. You will be lucky this Saturday with the numbers 30 and 45. Take better care of your health.


The light will be on your side at this moment and all your goals are achieved in the best way, just try not to comment on your successes and achievements so as not to attract envy.

The love of someone from Aries, Sagittarius or Leo will come into your life and can be lasting; you just have to be yourself and not sabotage the relationship.

At work, try not to argue with your superiors so that afterwards there are no problems. You ask for a few days of vacation to rest and everything will be fine. An unexpected gift comes to you.

You will be lucky this Sunday with the numbers 07 and 15. The blue and white contribute to the abundance entering your life. You send something for repair.


You should no longer run out of luck by sabotaging yourself with negative thoughts. These days can be abundant and pleasant surprises, but it also depends on you.

Face love situations and don’t be afraid of what others will say; your sign is too strong to go after what you want and it’s time to be with that person that makes you happy. Remember that your sign is compatible with Aries, Cancer and Libra.

A business or project opportunity that can help with your financial life will come up and be very positive. Red is your lucky color along with numbers 06 and 53. You will start a new stage of life in every way and you must learn to be more positive in the face of changes.


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