What does the Barrington Declaration say, movement against quarantines supported by thousands of doctors and scientists


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Declaration signed by thousands of professionals and experts highlights the effects of restrictive measures on people’s physical and mental health, in addition to their social effects

Thousands of scientists and health professionals are coming together to express “serious concerns” about the effects of restrictive policies, such as the lockdown, put into practice on behalf of covid-19.

Concerns about the impacts of these measures on the physical and mental health of people and communities were recently expressed by the Great Barrington Declaration, signed by around 6,000 experts.

The group calls for protection policies to focus on the most vulnerable, allowing healthy people to follow their lives more normally.

On the other hand, other scientists disagree with this criticism, stating that a more focused approach may not guarantee comprehensive protection for the most vulnerable; and also that coronavirus brings long-term complications that put a broader group of people at risk.


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