What happened? Raquel Tavares disappeared from the SIC screen after the wave of criticism – Nacional


Last week Débora Monteiro, the actress who was called to the ‘Domingão presenters’ team [o programa de domingos à tarde da SIC e que tem João Baião como o ‘mestre de cerimónias’] was forced to delete a photo that she had shared on her Instagram account due to the avalanche of criticism made by Internet users towards Raquel Tavares.
“Yesterday I published a photo, and with my pity I ended up removing it. We were 4 presenters, happy, with a smile on their face and some people only managed to be malformed and very unpleasant. This makes me think … “started by explaining Débora Monteiro
Continued: “One day we praise the woman and we have to be united and it doesn’t matter if you are fat, thin, tall, short … The next day is everything to attack. It wasn’t me, but made me feel guilty for publishing the photo and somehow having the possibility of hurting someone “.

João Baião works 7 days a week without rest

After this incident that gave so much to talk about, Raquel Tavares was replaced by Iva Lamarão last Saturday, October 17 ‘at’ Olhó Baião ‘, where he is paired with João Paulo Sousa.

Also yesterday afternoon in ‘Domingão’ the absence of the singer was noted. Even so, there were few internet users who mentioned SIC’s official Instagram account.

Will Raquel Tavares’ “disappearance” have anything to do with recent criticism? Is the artist not able to manage all this? That you are, in some way, succumbing to the pressure of being on camera every week?


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