‘What is this story, Porchat?’ premiere on Globo and presenter says he already dismissed famous who had nothing to tell


Fabio Porchat is a mix of emotions with the premiere, today, of his “What is this story, Porchat?”, On Globo. Even though he experienced success at GNT, where the second season is shown, the presenter is eager to know the reaction of the public on open TV.

– I am happy, excited, excited, tense … I have a great expectation, because it worked very well, the public bought the idea of ​​a program that was only about history. And, in the end, open TV is in need of a light, unpretentious attraction, that people can watch, have fun and sleep peacefully – he analyzes, which includes Claudia Raia, Ney Latorraca and Marcos Veras in the first episode.

Holding an attraction only in storytelling is no easy task. Therefore, Porchat invested in this unusual kind of talk show:

– In the beginning, my biggest question was whether people would want to see controversy, bombastic statements. I was surprised to see that it was not. What they want is to have fun. I felt that the program had caught on when I saw the stories being echoed on social media.

With the success, Porchat began to receive requests from celebrities to go to the program.

– Several people started calling me saying they had good stories. The best example was when Fafá de Belém texted me saying: “I love your program and I already have the story for him”. So, I called her for the premiere of the second season on GNT – says the presenter, who also had to dispense with a “medallion that had no history”: – We stayed in a tight skirt … we have a way of saying that the artist understands that maybe it is not the time to go. So, in the few times that this happened, we managed to talk.

Following are three stories pointed out by Porchat as highlights of the first season:

Claudia Raia

“I was filming in Xingu, in 1988, and on the day off I went to meet a tribe. They had told me to take batteries and soap that they want to ‘change’, which is to exchange for their things. And also that there is a plant from which the Indians make a little gel, pass on the body and are without hair for 10 years. I thought about patenting, getting rich. I went with the producer’s wife. There was an India in front of the taba and I told her that I wanted to know things about you, this herb for fur. She spoke her language and laughed. She was taking a wave with me and I was more emphatic with her, irritating her with my insistence. She then took my bag and pulled it back. She pulled it out for her and I pulled it back. That’s when she punched me in the face. I fell knocked out in front of the taba, it looked like old cod. The producer’s wife pulled me by the shin. I was dragged knocked out. “

Ivete Sangalo

“At the beginning of my career, I went to do a concert in Arraial D’Ajuda. Without time, I picked up an application, made a ponytail and went to the stage. Next to my security guard, Cláudio, I passed through a corridor in the middle of the people, who started to invade the rope. Suddenly, I felt a tug: my hair was pulled out. He said: ‘Claudio, my tail’. I didn’t know if he knew what it was. He stood behind me, me screaming ‘my tail’ and he said, ‘Mate, no one is taking your tail.’ ”

Regina Casé

“We went to Mozambique to do Um Pé de que, a program that I did for 20 years on the Futur channel. We were going to shoot the biggest baobab in the world. We went to a very dangerous reserve, I will need to fikmar, getting there we saw everything lions, leopards, elephants … We saw our Baobab, it looks like a cathedral, horrible stevia to make calls to the car’s teeth. It goes downhill, but it’s tranks, but there’s nothing here, but how am I supposed to know? , but it was purely lucky. He had a dinner on the last day with the authorities, who wanted to see what we had recorded. There are lions, leopards could die, do you know how many Japanese people died this year? 17. They went down to take a picture and the lion ate. Daredevils. After all, when Benedita and I went to say goodbye, he said “Your mother’s breasts and yours would be pulled out with one kick”.


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