What song is it? Google finds out whether to whistle or hum on smartphone


Google is constantly improving and strengthening its search service. It has long gone from being a simple search for terms or words to being much more now, with useful information and direct and useful tools.

We have been asking for a long time to identify a song, which must be heard and then searched for. Now this research has taken a leap to get even better. We can already discover the music in our head, just by whistling or humming for it to be instantly recognized.

Google search just got better

The use of artificial intelligence has given Google search many useful tools. This way, it becomes better and with many more capabilities, often complementing what users do not provide in searches.

Now, and as a complement to everything it already offers, Google allows for something new. It will finally allow you to search for music by simply whistling or singing its melody. It will be recognized and then presented to the user.

Just sing or whistle the song

This new search is available both on the Google page and in the Google assistant itself. In the first case, just click on the microphone and choose to search for a song. In the second, just say search for a song. In both cases, it must then be hummed.

After this essential step, Google will translate what you heard into something that it can search in your files. The end result will be a list of songs that approximate what the user hummed or whistled for the smartphone.

Can now be used on any smartphone

This novelty is now available for use on both Android and iOS. The latter is only available in English, while smartphones with the Google system can be used in more than 20 languages, including Portuguese.

According to Google, the way to achieve this novelty was to translate the melodies into numerical sequences. Now you just need to convert what you hear into these strings and look for a match.


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