What the controversial proposal on Basic Health Units said, which ended up being revoked by Bolsonaro


  • Paula Adamo Idoeta
  • BBC News Brasil in São Paulo

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Experts pointed out that a decree signed by the president, and revoked on Wednesday afternoon, could culminate in the privatization of UBS services

a decree signed by President Jair Bolsonaro on Monday (10/26) it left the primary public health sector in an uproar and aroused fears about the possibility of privatizing services in the Basic Health Units (UBS). On Wednesday afternoon (28), after negative repercussions, Bolsonaro announced the revocation of the measure.

The decree, published on Tuesday in the Official Gazette of the Union, said that “within the scope of the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI), the policy to promote the primary health care sector is qualified, for the purpose of preparing studies alternative partnerships with the private sector for the construction, modernization and operation of Basic Health Units in the States, Federal District and municipalities “.

The UBS are the gateway to the SUS (Unified Health System), whose gratuity to the population is provided for in Article 196 of the Federal Constitution, which says that “health is the right of all and the duty of the State”.

The government decree was signed by Bolsonaro and his Economy Minister Paulo Guedes, without mentioning the Ministry of Health or the role of the municipalities, which manage the UBS.


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