WhatsApp bot quickly turns images and GIFs into stickers


Sending stickers on WhatsApp can be fun, but the process for creating stickers is often discouraging. Most of the time, I need to use a separate application, upload the image, crop it and then export the creation to the messaging app.

This process just got a lot easier thanks to a bot that automates the creation of the stickers. very simple: just send the chosen image (or its URL) with the caption “sticker”, and the result is ready in a few seconds.

It is also possible to create animated stickers from GIFs from Giphy. In that case, just send the GIF link with the hashtag “#stickergif”. Without wasting time, the sticker is ready to help you express your reactions to messages. After all, sending a GIF of “Elon Musk without patience” can be urgent.

Bot turns images and GIFs into figurines almost instantly.

Download images and videos

Although it is already useful, this feature is not all that the bot has to offer. It is also capable of downloading photos and videos from social networks, which is also often difficult using “traditional” methods.

Whoever uses Twitter, for example, knows the amount of hilarious videos that circulate there. To send them on WhatsApp, however, users have to go to a third-party website or record the screen of the cell phone – a process so boring and time-consuming that, until completed, the video even loses its grace.

With the bot, this task is simpler. Just follow the steps below for each social network:

  • Twitter: send #twt + post link. Example: “#twt twitter.com/usuario/status/1234”;
  • TikTok: send #tiktok + content link. Example: #tiktok tiktok.com/@user/video/1234 “;
  • Instagram: send #ig + post link. Example: “#ig instagram.com/p/a1b2c3d4”;
  • Facebook: send #fb + post link. Example: “#fb facebook.com/usuario/posts/1234”


Bot facilitates the process of downloading videos from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Created by a 20-year-old Brazilian, the bot had already processed more than 5,000 commands until last Thursday (22), just two days after being released on Twitter. To access it, I need to add the number (47) 9 8442-4588 to the contact list or click on this link.

Whatsapp bots figurines chatbot


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