WhatsApp releases animated Baby Shark stickers and tests sticker search


WhatsApp is releasing updates both on the public channel and in the beta focused on the user experience with stickers.

For those who use the stable version of the application, the novelty is the Baby Shark sticker pack, a phenomenon of the past 10 to 10 children in the learning phase. The package is animated, highlighting the newest possibility of the messenger, who implemented the dynamic stickers in the last months.

For those who use the beta version of the messenger, version adds the possibility of searching for your stickers. No more browsing endlessly through all your stickers until you find the best answer for a conversation. This novelty, however, is appearing only for some users.

With the next updates more users of the beta channel should notice the update. To find out if it is available to you, just go to your sticker area and see if a magnifying glass icon is available.

Remember, another novelty in the implementation phase is the technical support of the application directly through the app. Users will gain the facility to automatically send useful information about their own devices that have experienced a bug, allowing a more detailed study of failures by the messenger team.

And you, what do you think of the features under testing in the beta version of the messaging app? Tell us in the comments!


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