– When he says that, he looks a little stupid


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It went down like a bomb when Jürgen Klopp’s assistant for 17 years, Zeljko Buvac, suddenly left Liverpool in the season rush in 2018. Since then, Klopp has dismissed all questions about the man he has previously referred to as the “brain” in the support apparatus.

Klopp has dismissed all questions about the shock exit. Now the assistant has started talking

Buvac has been silent about Liverpool since he left the club, but in an interview reproduced in a number of media last week, he talked about the time with Klopp. The former assistant claimed, among other things, that he did all the coaching tasks for Klopp.

– I did the coaching job with the exception of speaking in public and giving interviews. It felt like I had been the manager for 17 years. I had all the features, and I tried to influence the team as much as possible to achieve success, but I did not need the attention, Buvac claimed in an interview with the Russian YouTube channel Nobel, reproduced by Goal and Bild.

Last season, Liverpool took an insane 99 points and won the league for the first time in 30 years. But there were no congratulations from the former Liverpool assistant.

– I was happy on behalf of the players and the fans, but I did not congratulate them, said Buvac, who today is sports director of Dynamo Moscow.

THE ANFIELD WRAP: Gareth Robers has, among other things, had Jürgen Klopp as a guest in his popular Liverpool podcast

THE ANFIELD WRAP: Gareth Robers has, among other things, had Jürgen Klopp as a guest in his popular Liverpool podcast Photo: Gareth Roberts / Twitter

Snorts of the statements

Gareth Roberts is working on the podcast The Anfield Wrap, which is a very large and popular pod in Liverpool. He knows the club well and describes Buvac as “bitter”.

– What Buvac says is uninteresting, to be honest. I think Liverpool have proved quite clearly that he was not the brain at Anfield. Since leaving, the club has finally won things, such as the Premier League, after 30 years, says the man behind the popular Liverpool podcast to TV 2.

He thinks the statements from Buvac create unnecessary unrest around the club.

– It is very possible that he was good at his job, but given the circumstances, the best thing for him would be to keep his mouth shut, he states.

– When he says what he says, he looks a little stupid

Gareth Roberts also finds it difficult to understand what Klopp’s former longtime assistant manager wants to achieve with his statements.

– Liverpool should have done something about this earlier

– When he says what he says, he looks a little stupid. Liverpool are doing just fine, Klopp is brilliant, the support staff is brilliant and the cohesion between the club and the supporters is better than ever. So I think we’ll leave Buvac and his comments alone, Roberts laughs.

– Do you think he’s bitter?

– It seems a bit like that. He disappeared with a gray cloud hanging over him, and we have never really received an answer as to what happened. No one has wanted to talk about it, so it’s a little surprising that he goes out this way now. But it must be at his expense.


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