While Brazil suffers from unemployment, agribusiness creates 98 thousand jobs in 2020


Brazil is bitterly losing 849,387 jobs between January and August 2020, according to data from the Ministry of Economy’s Caged (General Register of Employed and Unemployed). This result would be even worse had it not been for the performance of agribusiness, which opened 98,320 formal jobs in the same period.

With record exports of grains and other agricultural products driven by the value of the dollar, several segments of agribusiness have hired labor.

Among the segments that employed the most in the first eight months of the year are:

  • coffee growing (17,741)
  • agricultural support activities (17,227)
  • sugar cane (12,219)
  • soybeans (11,136)
  • cattle breeding (8,481)
  • permanent crop fruits, except orange and grape (5,987)
  • poultry farming (4,745)
  • horticulture (2,783)
  • cereal cultivation (2,163)
  • grape (1,946); pigs (1,905)
  • production of planted forests (1,197)

Exports boost agribusiness

The export of agricultural products has boosted the hiring of workers. Between January and September 2020, there was an increase of 2.5% in the volume of Brazilian products exported. The Brazilian trade balance is positive at US $ 42.4 billion.

According to the Ministry of Economy, record volumes were recorded for:

  • soybeans (79.6 million tons in the year)
  • crude petroleum oils (55.4 million tons)
  • soybean meal (13.7 million tons)
  • cellulose (12 million tons)
  • fuel oils (11.8 million tons)
  • beef (1.3 million tons)
  • cotton (1.2 million tons)
  • pork meat (675 thousand tons)

States that employed the most in the field

São Paulo was the state that most opened formal jobs in the field between January and August, with the creation of 66,235 vacancies.

See the ranking:

  • São Paulo (66,235 jobs)
  • State of Minas Gerais (8,585)
  • Goiás (7,098)
  • Bahia (5.390)
  • Mato Grosso (4.509)
  • Parana (3,798)


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