While Robinho says Globo is’ of the devil, sponsors return – Prisma


It was enough for Robinho to have his contract suspended with Santos, sponsors who threatened to leave, decided to stay at Vila Belmiro

São Paulo Brazil

“Bebeto, I’m at peace, brother. As I said, God is preparing me for something much greater. In the desert, it is in these attacks that you approach God and prepare yourself. We have N examples there.

“Did you see what they did to Bolsonaro before the election? The attack they made on the guy? Saying that Bolsonaro was this and that? That Bolsonaro was racist, fascist, that he was a murderer? And the more they beat Bolsonaro, the more he grew up. So I’m really at peace, from the heart. I’m not worried about them “, says the player.

“Good always wins and the truth will appear.

“The guys there are people used by the devil, right?

We know how TV Globo is a demon broadcaster. You just have to see the soap operas, the schedules. So I’m at peace. God will give victory. May God’s purpose in my life be fulfilled.

Put a goal on them, ‘we are together’.

I’ll put a shirt on when I score:

“Garbage globe, Bolsonaro is right.”

While Robinho vented against Globo, he compared himself to President Bolsonaro, who, according to him, had also been chased by the Rio station, something very important for Santos happened.

The sponsors who were threatening to leave the club because of Robinho, convicted of rape in Italy, decided to stay.

Continue investing in the double world champion shirt that was worn by Pelé.

They add up to R $ 20 million annually.

The 36-year-old is still aimless.

After giving up playing for Santos, the pressure is so great.

He doesn’t know if he will continue in Brazil, but he wants to play as soon as possible.

As if ‘scoring’ goals changed your reality …


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