WHO sees increased interest in Covax mechanism for Covid vaccine


Geneva- The arm of the World Health Organization, WHO, in the Americas reported that almost all countries in the region have expressed interest in joining a consortium for the production of a future vaccine against Covid-19, Covax.

According to the deputy director-general of the Pan American Health Organization, PAHO, Jarbas Barbosa, there is an unprecedented worldwide effort to achieve a vaccine against Covid-19. There are more than 150 vaccine development projects.

According to him, nine of these vaccines are already in the last phase of the tests known as clinical trials, but this will last for some months, and then production has to start.

The representative of Opas explains that the Pan American Health Organization participates in the Covax mechanism, which is the mechanism led by the World Health Organization with other partners, Gavi, which specifically coordinates the vaccine access group.

The doctor points out that almost all countries in the world, including all countries in Latin America, have expressed their intention to join this Covax mechanism because this mechanism will guarantee faster access and at an affordable price.

– The Pan American Health Organization has a rotating vaccine fund that has been working for over 40 years making international vaccine purchases for countries in the region. And this mechanism will also be used by the Covax mechanism to get the vaccine as soon as possible. But it is not yet possible to establish a date with certainty – he declared.

Doctor Jarbas Barbosa says that until a vaccine against Covid-19 is reached, the population will not be 100% safe. That is why it is necessary to coordinate transmission control well before fully reopening entire economies.

The Pan American Health Organization handles the largest number of Covid-19 cases in the world. The Americas lead the number of new contaminations and deaths. On Tuesday, the world surpassed 1 million deaths and more than half of them, or 551 million, occurred in the region.

For the doctor Jarbas Barbosa, the best way to prevent the new coronavirus is to comply with the hygiene, distance and mask use protocol.

“Of course, where control of transmission and some activities are being released, but in those activities released as essential services, people have to take care. Wear a mask, keep a physical distance of five feet to other people, check the surface cleaning protocols, have access to water and soap to wash your hands, often, that is, it is important to keep this whole protocol until you can catch a glimpse an end to the pandemic, which we cannot say when it will be, even today ”, he said.

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