who should go to the next garden?


In the rural confinement of Record TV anything can happen, even a pawn who has never been to a farm is at risk of going. After all, it is all or nothing to win the R $ 1.5 million prize. So, who should go for the hot seat this week? Vote in Poll A Fazenda 12 and make your choice.

The rural confinement of Record TV’s reality is heading for another week of elimination. But, first, the participants need to go through the process of formation of swiddens, which consists of a vote to define the current rockers. First, the farmer of the week [Mariano] you must choose a person to be the first to sit on the farm bench. Then the voting begins. However, before the day comes, we want to know, who deserves to be in the hot seat this week? Vote for Poll The Farm 12 and leave your choice.

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Poll A Fazenda 12: who will sit on the farm stool?


Although some names are already quoted to fill the famous country stool, nothing is defined until the time for voting. But calm down, we are talking about names like Luiza Ambiel, who during these last days at the headquarters, has created rivalries, including with the farmer Mariano. However, the game is not lost and a lot can happen yet.

Another name like Luiza, is the participant Biel, he may not be the farmer’s favorite this week, but for sure, he will be one of the pawns who took votes in the house. The funkeiro has already spoken with many people. Besides Jojo Todynho, he had a shack with the couple Mariano and Jakelyne Oliveira, after the formation of the fifth garden that eliminated the former panicat Carol Narizinho.

Incidentally, Miss Brazil 2013 Jakelyne Oliveira is also at risk of going to the spotlight this week. The same has already revealed in a conversation with Mateus Carrieri, who should be pulled if Biel or Juliano Ceglia [que estão na baia] choose her. Or even, for the votes of the house. In any case, the Tuesday night garden (20) will be a fire in the hay !, as presenter Marcos Mion says.

Vote in Poll A Fazenda 12.

The fear of going to the field takes hold of pedestrians

At the same time that the game goes on, pedestrians who have not yet gone to the field, need to be attentive, since the moment of the game calls for new faces for the hot seat. Just as Mateus Carrieri and Jakelyne revealed their fear of being the pioneers of the week, other pedestrians must be thinking about it. In addition to the two, Victória Villarim, Stéfani Bays, Lipe Ribeiro, Lucas Selfie and MC Mirella have not yet been in the hot seat. Juliano Ceglia went, but returned as a farmer, as did singer Mariano. If Biel goes again, it will be the pawn’s fourth garden.

So, but that is the question, knowing who is going to protect us ”, says Victória. At that moment Mirella says: ‘I get three’. Juliano Ceglia then suggested: “So, we have to add, because we go to Jake [em voz baixa]. He continues: “Go me, Biel, Mi”. Biel interrupts and reveals: “I will go to her independently”. “Me too, it would be easy”, adds the journalist.

At this moment, when analyzing the risk situation, Victória says: “If it is to protect someone from here [Biel, Mirella e Juliano], I’m going. I will do whatever I have to protect people, I just didn’t want to be the first ”.

The voting of the farm takes place on Tuesday (20) at 10:30 pm on Record TV, after the biblical soap opera ‘Jesus’.


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