WHO: some vaccines show good levels of immunization in tests


The chief scientist of the World Health Organization (WHO), Soumya Swaminathan, indicated on Monday, 19, that the Covax initiative could start applying immunizers in the middle of 2021. In the beginning, the most vulnerable people will be the focus, with vaccines distributed around the world, he signaled. At the same press conference, it was announced that the number of countries in the coalition for the immunizer reached 184, rising from 171 in the last release, with Ecuador and Uruguay among the most recent adhesions.

Swaminathan further indicated that there are “some vaccines at the moment showing good levels of immunization” when dealing with the various testing initiatives monitored by WHO. Director Maria Van Kerkhove said that there is no “second inevitable wave, everything is in our hands”, by demanding a broad reinforcement of the responsibility of individuals and governments. Regarding the beginning of the pandemic, he indicated that “all countries are better prepared now”, pointing to oxygen and dexamethasone supplies as capable of saving lives.

A constant theme at the press conference was the need to provide the necessary means for isolated people to maintain quarantine for 14 days, a problem that would be recurrent. During isolation, providing means, especially food, would be vital to keeping people in prison and preventing the virus from spreading, the WHO argued.


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