WHO: vaccine approval depends on science, not nationality – 10/23/2020


The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that decisions about the use of possible vaccines by governments against covid-19 should not take into account the nationality of the product. But its effectiveness and safety.

“It is not about nationality. It is about science,” WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris said on Friday. His comment was made in response to a column question about President Jair Bolsonaro’s decision not to buy the Chinese product developed under an agreement with the Butantan Institute in São Paulo.

“We will not buy from China, it is my decision,” the president said on Thursday. “I do not believe that it (vaccine) provides enough security for the population because of its origin,” he declared.

“I believe that we will have the vaccine from other countries, even ours, that will transmit confidence to the population. The one in China, unfortunately, there is already a great deal of discredit on the part of the population, not least because, as many say, this virus would have born there “, he added.

At WHO, the assessment is different. For the entity, what will determine the approval of a vaccine is its effectiveness and safety. And not who produces it. “We chose science,” insisted Harris.

According to her, no vaccine will be approved until the “highest standards” are reached.

World may depend on Chinese supply

Internally, the international agencies that operate the Covax consortium warn that the reality is that the world can live a strong dependence on vaccines produced in China.

Based on estimates of production expansion, the entities indicate that 49% of the world production of vaccines against covid-19 will come from China in 2023. That is, 7 billion doses. Brazil and the United States, together, would produce about 2 billion doses.

The Chinese team includes entities such as the Beijing Institute of Biological Products Beijing, SinoCellTech and Sinovac, the company that closed the deal with the São Paulo entity.


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