Who will be Mariano’s nominee to the farm?


Mariano is the farmer of the week and will have to nominate a competitor directly to the farm. Vote in the poll!

Mariano has a considerable list of possible nominees for the field for the next training at A Fazenda 12. This is because, only in the last 24 hours of confinement, the yellow Camaro interpreter won two new enemies on Record’s rural reality show. But, after all, who will be Mariano’s nominee to the farm? Vote in A Fazenda 2020 poll:

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In addition to Luiza Ambiel, who leads the rivalry list, Mariano included Biel and Victória Villarim among his possible nominations for the hot seat as a farmer for A Fazenda 12. In the early hours of this Friday (16), for example, the dancer and former Gugu’s bathtub gossiped his name to Biel in the main room at A Fazenda 2012 headquarters.


The peons left the Chemistry interpreter informed that Mariano and Jakelyne Oliveira criticized him while he was in the elimination field. “He said in his city you were going to be beaten by a stick. That you’re a kid, you don’t have humility, ”said Luiza, confirmed by Victória.

Mariano discovers Luiza and Biel gossip

This afternoon in A Fazenda 12, Mariano had confirmation that Victória and Luiza Ambiel gossiped him and Jakelyne to Biel. The pawn did not skimp on criticism. “Leave it to me, it was good. Because, like this, I already expected her to have this kind of behavior, even by the people who left, who spoke and so on, and she only proved it to me, so it’s okay. It’s wrong, that’s her way, if it’s her way of doing justice, leave her ”, said the singer in A Fazenda 12.

Mariano made it clear that he does not rule out putting Luiza Ambiel in the next garden that will be formed on Tuesday (20) in A Fazenda 12. The paoa, even, was aware that it may be the rival’s choice. In a conversation with Villarim at the house, the former Gugu Bathtub feared it would be the casting vote of the farmer at A Fazenda 12.

Fear of the farm in A Fazenda 12

“Oh, Vi, I’m going to be machine gunned either by the house or by the farmer [de A Fazenda 12], understood? I will be. And I don’t know how the people are understanding me out there, I don’t know ”, said Luiza. The model, however, does not regret having contact with Biel that Mariano and Jakelyne were speaking ill of him in their absence in A Fazenda 12.

“Everyone wants to show something cool, something cool, everyone here has a glass ceiling, everyone has had a problem, you know? No! Then hitting hard, something serious, something serious … No, I don’t agree. Would and would do it again. I don’t regret it. I did and I do. He didn’t take me out of the farmer’s test of [A Fazenda 12], I came back a farmer, I managed to stay another 15 days, I managed to stay without a vote, I managed not to go to the vote. Gee, how can you not get attached to the person? I see the plot inside here to get the boy out. What is it? Okay, it’s a game, right, but play honest. You don’t have to be playing in image, ”she said in A Fazenda 12.

Despite being sure that she did the right thing when telling Biel about criticism from rivals, Luiza fears a farm in A Fazenda 12 with Jojo and the pawn. “If you are showing what is really happening – which I believe, I trust the edition – beauty. But if not, and depending on who I go with too … Imagine, play me, depending, Biel and Jojo play me. I’m going to run, friend, it is a fact ”, he added in A Fazenda 12.


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