Why does the Atlantic suffer from counterattacks? Jorge Sampaoli d explanations


No team from Brazilian championship gets more with the ball than the Atlantic. In the best Jorge Sampaoli style, the team maintains possession most of the time (59.3% on average) during matches and proposes to be offensive. However, every strategy is flawed. And one of them, in the alvinegro case, has been exposure to adversary counterattacks.

This was evident in the defeats to Botafogo (2 to 1), Santos (3 to 1) and Fortaleza (2 to 1) and even in matches that Atltico did not lose, such as against Fluminense (1 to 1) and Corinthians (3 to 2) ). After equality before the cariocas this Wednesday, Sampaoli he was asked about the reasons why the Atlantic suffered so much from rivals’ speed transitions.

For the Argentine, the explanation is simple: a team that proposes to attack all the time, like the Rooster, will naturally be more exposed to counterattacks.

“(Atltico suffer a lot with counterattacks) Because the only team that is totally planted in the rival field. So, it has to stop transitions all the time. In the midst of this desire to attack, when we are in positional inferiority, the rivals take advantage in what they’re going to do: play for a single ball, counterattack quickly taking advantage of a mistake or an unsuccessful attack “, he pointed out.

To combat counter attacks, the Sampaoli Atlantic has three strategies that are used most often. The first is to regain possession as soon as he loses the ball, so as not to give the opponent the opportunity to go out at speed; the second, if there is no possibility of retaking the ball, at least prevent the counterattack from the pressure mark and, thus, have time to recompose the defense; the third, as a last resort, to stop the foul play.

For Sampaoli, a good example for Atltico is the second half of the match against Fluminense. After an initial stage in which they suffered from the counterattacks, the alvinegro team managed to impose the offensive style of play and, at the same time, have few defensive scares. “We have to know that the dominance that we generate when we put ourselves in the rival field has to be like in the second half. I highlight this a lot, because for me it was incredible. We have to continue on this path”, he stressed.

In the next game, the tendency is that the Mineiro scenario will be repeated in Pituau: an offensive athlete and exposed to counterattacks. The alvinegra team face the Bahia, starting at 8 pm on the next Monday, for the 17th round of the Brazilian Championship.


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