Why is the PS5 bigger than the Xbox Series X? Sony engineer explains


After all, with so many small consoles, why is the PlayStation 5 so big? Sony engineer responsible for the hardware design of the PS5, Yasuhiro Ootori, explained in a recent interview to the Japanese portal Nikkei Xtech that the console’s cooler is primarily responsible for the size of the device.

The engineer points out that the size of the cooler determined the robustness – especially in the thickness – of the PS5. The 45 mm fan ensures that air is sucked from both sides of the console to cool the motherboard, both on “side A” and “side B”.

According to Ootori, even if the “side B” does not have the main system on a chip installed, it will still generate heat similar to that generated by the PS4 system on a chip, and so it needs airflow to stay cool. The PS5 is equipped with a 120 mm diameter and 45 mm thick double-sided fan, which are sufficient to justify the size of the device.

PS5 Cooler

The other option, according to the engineer, would be to place two smaller coolers, one on each side of the motherboard; however, this strategy would be much more expensive to produce – despite slightly reducing the size of the console.

Ootori recently appeared in a PS5 disassembly video, showing in full all the components of the new generation console. It was quite clear that Sony’s main focus is to keep the device cool and quiet.


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