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Already two years ago, the Aker BP CEO aired the idea of ​​connecting offshore wind turbines to the company’s oil field. The oil company is now in alliance with another Aker company to make this happen.

Aker Offshore Wind Manager Astrid Onsum

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The oil company Aker BP and the offshore wind company Aker Offshore Wind announce that they have entered into a cooperation agreement to reduce CO emissions on the Norwegian shelf.

The two companies will work together to promote effective concepts for developing “large offshore wind farms” that will be able to supply oil and gas fields on the Norwegian shelf, according to the announcement.

Both companies have Kjell Inge Røkkes Aker as a major shareholder.

While Aker Offshore Wind will be responsible for developing and operating the offshore wind farms, Aker BP will contribute with industrial and technological expertise. In addition, Aker BP will become “a potential customer” together with other oil companies for the electricity produced.

– Electrification of fields using power from offshore wind can be a key to achieving the next step in the work of reducing emissions from production, says CEO Karl Johnny Hersvik in Aker BP in the report.

Aker Offshore Wind CEO Astrid Onsum says that the company is happy to work with both Aker BP and other oil companies in Norway to use offshore experience to build a new industry.

– We look forward to the opening of an area for offshore wind on the Norwegian shelf in 2021. Together with partners, suppliers and shipyards, we want to realize technology-driven and commercial projects on a scale, says Onsum.

Stock exchange announcement from Aker Offshore Wind

An alternative to cable

Already in 2018, CEO Karl Johnny Hersvik aired the idea of ​​connecting offshore wind farms on the company’s oil field, and he asked the renewable industry to come up with ideas.

Equinor is already in the process of developing the Hywind Tampen project, which will be Norway’s first and the world’s largest park with floating offshore wind turbines. These will supply several fields on the Norwegian shelf with electricity.

Both Aker BP and other companies on the Norwegian shelf have already electrified a number of fields using submarine cables and power from land. One of their fields that is already connected is Valhall.

Electrification with power from land can be challenging to achieve, both because you can not have too long cables and because the power grid on land must be powerful enough to be able to supply all the power needed.

At the same time as offshore wind can be developed very close to oil fields, the solution has a challenge in that production will vary depending on how much it blows.

The Hywind Tampen wind turbines will cover around 35 percent of the electricity needs on the Gullfaks and Snorre fields, precisely because it is not possible to rely on offshore wind alone.

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