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In less than six weeks, Kurt Nilsen will go on his annual Christmas tour, which has become one of Norway’s largest. There has been great uncertainty as to whether this year’s Christmas tours can be carried out in view of the corona pandemic and infection control measures. Some have already chosen to cancel, among them Sissel Kyrkjebø.

Manager for Kurt Nilsen, Jan Fredrik Karlsen, however, says that their main intention is to complete their tour.

– We have spent this autumn getting ready. We have accepted the call from the Minister of Culture to carry out as planned. Of course, we facilitate the current infection control rules, but want it to be the right cultural offer towards Christmas, says Jan Fredrik Karlsen to Dagbladet.

In August, Minister of Culture Abid Raja (V) promised a stimulus scheme for cultural life, and called for its implementation. The scheme will help cultural workers to carry out planned events, and compensate for losses caused by the audience limit of 200 people.

– A slap in the face

Great uncertainty

However, there is still great uncertainty about what the stimulation scheme will entail. Several cultural organizations are disappointed with the lack of clarity and information, and believe the scheme is already far into overtime. It shows several contributions to this year’s culture budget.

The regulations for the incentive scheme were sent for consultation last week.

FRAME: – The cultural industry has been hit hard by the corona pandemic and the economic crisis, says Elisabeth Kaski (SV) when Dagbladet met her during a protest at Eidsvolls plass. Video: Christian Roth Christensen / Dagbladet
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The Minister of Culture met for a debate in Dagsnytt 18 with Jan Fredrik Karlsen this week. The Minister of Culture said he would specify what the action scheme to compensate for events that are carried out will contain in a couple of days.

– I take it as a starting point, and I am a positive guy. Now we sit like lit candles waiting for what this will contain. We will not cancel if everything is in order, says Karlsen.

Applications for grants for the implementation of planned events will go through the cultural council. The Ministry of Culture informs Dagbladet that updated information about the scheme is just around the corner.

This gets the cultural life

This gets the cultural life

200 in Spectrum

Karlsen, on the other hand, makes no secret of the fact that they are dependent on financial compensation to be able to complete the tour.

– Our cost picture, fliterally down the food chain in all the places we are going, is NOK 10 million to implement, as we are encouraged to, he says.

Kurt Nilsen’s Christmas concerts will, among other things, be held in Oslo Spektrum in December, an arena with a capacity of over 10,000 spectators. Karlsen says that they plan to carry out the tour also in the large concert halls.

– We will welcome 200 spectators to Spektrum. It will be a completely unique and special experience, and compliment the situation we are.

Karlsen informs that it is the first 200 who have bought a ticket who will get a place at the concerts.


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