Will PlayStation 5 finally kill the console war?


In case you don’t know, some analysts say that the new Sony console will exceed 200 ~ 300 million units sold in the next 5 ~ 6 years. Also stating that the console has the potential to sell 600 ~ 700 million units in the future.

Just to be aware of the numbers, the current market leader (PlayStation 4) sold about 110 million units. That is, if this really happens, it would be a completely overwhelming victory for Sony, and of course, a great humiliation for the efforts not only of Microsoft, but also of Nintendo.

Having said all of that, a Japanese market research firm also said last month that Sony’s new generation console will be able to sell at least 200 million units over its life cycle… a value the firm believes has the potential to be even greater, and who knows, end the console war once and for all.

Will PlayStation 5 finally ‘kill’ the console war?

PlayStation 5 will kill

So, if you think these numbers are overkill, these analysts say Sony could be the answer to the need for a more powerful cheap machine in the world of eSports. That is, PlayStation 5 could serve as a replacement for PC Gaming in certain markets! This in turn will result in a massive increase in the mass of target customers.

That said, although 200 ~ 300 million units sold is already simply brutal … So looking at a forecast of 600 ~ 700 million is just incredible! After all, we are talking about 4 or 5x more sales than PS2, one of the most sold consoles ever.

In short, the firm’s article suggests that PlayStation 5 has the potential to ‘kill’ the video game industry. Thus ending the historic rivalry between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

“PS5 is a different console, very different from Switch and Xbox or even the very successful PS4.”

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