Will Samsung launch the Galaxy S21 series in January?


You may have read some rumors that have been circulating that indicate that Samsung is planning to bring forward the launch date of the Galaxy S21. In recent years, we have seen the new S series phones being announced in February, despite the first sales starting in March.

Korean press reports speculate that the S21 series may be launched as early as January 2021, and the first sales may start as early as February.

The reasoning behind the alleged new release schedule is still unknown, although we can speculate that Samsung wants to create some space between the Galaxy S21 and the launch of the next generation Galaxy Z. Samsung’s suppliers are apparently already mass producing components for the S21 series, which is a month earlier than what happened for last year’s S20 phones, it seems that the change of release dates may be something definitive.

Known benchmarks Samsung Galaxy S21

The benchmarks show that the S21 uses Samsung’s next Exynos 1000 chipset, but some scores are disappointing. Although performance is not a priority for all users, it is a bad sign that Samsung is struggling to show firepower in its new device.


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